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Clearwater PACE is a New York-based C-PACE Capital Provider focused on arranging and structuring C-PACE financing for commercial real estate projects across all asset types and geographies throughout the U.S. on behalf of real estate developers and owners.


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The PACE Financing Process

1. Term Sheet

We can provide funding, obtain senior lender consent and guide you through the PACE process. We’ll look at your project’s details—location, property appraisal and construction budget—to determine the approximate amount you qualify for. Typically, PACE can cover about 25% of your project’s construction hard and soft costs.

2. Underwriting

Before you can receive funding, you’ll need to be approved by your local PACE program. Your Clearwater Capital Advisor will help you work with an energy auditor, typically from a third-party engineering firm, to identify measures within your existing budget that justify the amount of funding you’re seeking.

3. Funding

Depending on your state and municipality, the approval process averages 30-60 days. Once you’ve received approval from the PACE Administrator, we can close quickly. PACE typically closes at the same time as remainder of construction capital stack, and proceeds are disbursed as the cost of the improvements are incurred.


PACE financing is non-recourse and tied to the property. As such, PACE is repaid through a special assessment collected with property taxes, and the energy savings typically cover the cost of the loan. Hotel owners can pass the cost to guests in a tax on their bill, and triple-net leases can pass it to commercial tenants if they wish.

Eligible Property Types Include: Hotel Multifamily Senior Living Student Housing Retail Office Industrial Self Storage Agricultural Specialty

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What are people saying?

“Going solar for us was about more than just lowering our electric bill, but it is exciting to see how much we’re saving. Working with the Capital Provider, we were able to move forward with our solar installation by utilizing C-PACE. This was a smart business decision for us, and we love that our pet resort is powered by the sun.”
Real Estate Owner & Operator
“During the project planning phase, I learned about C-PACE and it seemed like a great fit for what we were trying to achieve through our deep energy retrofit. We expect the enhanced energy performance will transform the building for decades to come, making it a more comfortable, healthier, and productive place to do business.”
Real Estate Investor & Owner
“We were pleased to work with the C-PACE Capital Provider to provide C-PACE funding to remodel such a historic site as the Oscar Mayer Station. Working in conjunction with new market tax credits, we were able to reduce the required equity, enhance our return on investment and realize significant savings in energy usage.”
Head of Real Estate Acquisitions
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