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We arrange preferred equity financing up to 90% Loan-to-Cost

Preferred equity investments are in a junior position behind the first mortgage, but are in a senior position to the sponsor’s equity investment, often referred to as common equity.  For example, when net cash flow is produced from a property or profits are earned upon a capital event (sale or refinance), preferred equity investors are paid after the senior lender, but before the common equity.  Since preferred equity is junior to the senior mortgage, it carries a higher degree of risk and warrants a higher rate of return than the interest rate charged on the first mortgage.

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We are former bankers and lenders who specialize in arranging commercial real estate loans across all asset types and geographies up and down the capital structure to provide our clients with the most competitive terms and most reliable executions in the debt capital markets.


We maintain several relationships with Limited Partners and Institutional Investors who seek to invest passively on a direct acquisition, joint-venture, discretionary fund basis that efficiently enables sponsors to acquire or recapitalize an asset.


We source subordinated financing to increase overall leverage for our clients who wish to maximize their returns, reduce risk, and/or generate liquidity. We work with capital sources who specialize in providing Mezzanine Debt or Preferred Equity.

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Clearwater helps real estate developers, investors, and owners secure the most competitive terms and most reliable executions in the capital markets.

Step 1. Get Smart

As former bankers, lenders, and developers, we will quickly determine the best capital stack optimization based on your existing capital structure and return profile.

Step 2. Targeted Outreach

Our technology-based platform coupled with more than 500 well-established relationships in the capital markets allows Clearwater to quickly identify the best capital source.

Step 3. Cleared to Close

We swiftly navigate the DD process by rigorously underwriting opportunities before sending them to Investment Committee, leading to an expeditious and confident closing.

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